Using Prime95 multi-core CPU test and a 3D benchmark, we were able to raise the noise level to a maximum of We are a trusted supplier to s of schools, government agencies, military and repair shops worldwide. The laptop can, however, be secured with a proper cable attached to the Kensington Lock slot to prevent theft. The touchpad plays its part splendidly. The Turbo function can raise the clock rate to 1. The fan is quiet and remains off most of the time so that warm exhaust air doesn’t enter the surrounding area except behind the screen hinges.

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Now, in addition to the exhaust vent middlethere’s also an air intake vent far left. Touchpad The touchpad plays its part splendidly. Not only does the system have a snazzy name, it works pretty depl too. The sound is very mids-heavy, while the highs and bass are less noticeable. So that the SIM card could not be taken out accidentally or by an angry coworker, you need something like the tip of a paper clip to pull out the SIM card tray. The V makes it easy to brag to coworkers.

Review Dell Vostro V130 470UM Subnotebook

We found no visible speaker opening anywhere on the case surface. The sturdy case is noteworthy only The thin Vostro subnotebook, weighing in at 1.


The short battery life is not to blame on the laptop’s supposedly high power consumption, rather it’s just the weak battery. Get it by tomorrow Nov. We use your Dell service tag to identify which vostrl were originally shipped with your laptop from Dell.

Review Dell Vostro V UM Subnotebook – Reviews

The screen hinges are no longer located at the very back of the base unit or hanging off it as in the case of “sunken hinges”. Aside from that, the variety of ports has been increased as well as shifted around. Hyperbaric Cooling, on the other hand, sucks in cool outside air and channels it to the motherboard and over to the heat exchanger.

Dell has left the battery of the V unchanged compared to its predecessor, the V13 6 cells30Wh, 2, mAh. The ExpressCard34 slot has, however, been removed compare to Vostro V That is, the user doesn’t have to burn his own recovery CDswhich seems to be the practice v1330 just about all other manufacturers today.

This review of the Dell Vostro V UM replaces the short test of the pre-production model of the V from the 1st of Wirelses The base clock rate of 2 x 1. Crystal Disk Mark 3. It’s noteworthy that the fan turns off within seconds of lowering the CPU load and only the humming of the hard drive can be heard Along the front of the notebook is an audio jack via which you can hook up an external sound system.


Compared to its predecessor, the V13, the back of the new V has been completely revamped. Things are pretty crowded within this merely The height of style. The measurements of energy consumption battery fully charged actually show the notebook to be quite energy-efficient.

Dell Vostro V130 Wireless

Why do you need my Dell vsotro tag? The V13 test wwireless from the beginning of could only manage a battery life of four hours WiFi test even with its low-voltage processor. However, in the name of mass production, the consumer widescreen display has made itself the standard just about everywhere. If you’re looking for complete serenity in which you could hear a pin drop, you should definitely consider buying the SSD-equipped model or installing an SSD on your own.

Dell homepage Dell notebook section. The moderate depression depth of the keys is accompanied by the clear keystroke pressure point, the keystroke has to be fairly firm, however.

This chip is not accessible via the base plate.

The keys allow for fluid typing and are all perfectly sturdy.