Back in the dusty frontier era, being rich and powerful went only so far. As a modern management tool, Notes View features a graphical user interface, and provides administrators with topology maps as well as stan- dard Lotus facilities such as InfoBoxes and charts. It also offers more than 75 templates of detailed, small- business models to help sim- plify the setup process. There are 25, business articles published every day, you care about 7. The default browser for Notes 4 databases includes an Explorer-style tree pane and view pane.

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Shapes routinely slide around and blend into each other without special cues from you. Data can now be accessed by all company mem- bers. DSP is also handy for software upgrades; although all the cards reviewed here come with a DO provides both read- and write-access to back-end databases, so that Notes workflow and replica- tion windods are available to developers who want to create advanced applications that combine relational databases and Notes.

And you can always be sure the information in every Step by Step book is up-to-the- minute, complete, and authoritative.

It gives you the most complete collection of problem-solving tools you can buy – all in one easy-to-use package. If anyone is interested they should take a look at http: Canon InnovaBook CD vs.


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BoxBoulder, CO Dell Latitude – mhz and higher – mb ram – 30 or 40gb total storage – DVDrom – All important communication ports available on Laptop. I would like to congratulate you for being the most informative and techno- logically aware PC magazine on the mar- ket today.


SmartSpeak is much more accu- rate than competing activation technologies. That is to say, rely on the Microsoft Press Step by Step series.

Notes allows Collegiate employees lo- cated in regional offices throughout the United States to communicate via E-mail through Notes. Under the surface, Lotus has tuned the engine to eliminate some annoying performance bottle- necks. Right-clicking on most objects uncovers their properties in an InfoBox.

By improving integration with Microsoft Access, you can now share tools across both applications. I find these lengthy delays amusing, since everyone seems to think that Tl con- nections will make them go away. Programming at the API level.

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Computer gurus and shop workers tell me that I am doing well if I get 24Kbps access to the Net on a regular basis. All you need to know. Financial, legal and government informa- tion.

Get your news where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it, inside your work environment. All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. This not only makes the Notes mail experience more intuitive, but makes Notes R4 visually consistent for cc: It has a relatively spare interface, and puts all of its tools at your disposal via various pop-up boxes and icons located at the bottom of the screen although they can be moved to your lik- ing.


To find out the best, quickest way to do something, you ask the Answer Wizard. For details, check out PC Comput- ing’s online Web map. And you also get customized alarm and alert capabilities, plus autodis- covery to eliminate manual tracking of network devices.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The fun part will be watching them try to rate every page in existence. You can use PivotTable views in Microsoft Access to see data from different angles.

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Finding the right piece of information at the right time by browsing through a library of docu- ments is an inefficient process. Tired of retyping faxes, reports, articles, even letters into your computer? Who says PCs have to be ugly?